AIPEX CEO Frank Reijnen on why toy firms should consider consolidating their IP portfolio with one provider

Frank Reijnen
AIPEX is a pan-European IP law firm offering a solution to managing the IP portfolios of toy firms.

The firm works across a company’s entire IP portfolio, including patents, trademarks and designs, as well as key areas such as watching, infringement, counterfeiting, prosecution, renewals and strategy.

We caught up with AIPEX CEO Frank Reijnen to find out more about what the firm can do for toy firms, as well as learn more about the benefits of using AIPEX as a single-service provider rather than using multiple providers in different markets.

For those who may not be aware, who is AIPEX and why it was created?
AIPEX provides excellent fully pan-European bespoke IP services for those companies with substantive portfolios that require ongoing strategy, management and resource.

AIPEX bridges a previous country by country gap by providing easy access and a seamless solution with specialist IP services across the European landscape when required or necessary.  We can save money, time and capacity enabling brand owners of multiple trademarks, designs and patents to focus on the other core legal competencies of the business whilst we focus on their IP management.

If you’re a toy or games company with multiple brands either currently in the market, or at R&D stage, across Europe and even internationally, we can help; we’re finding that US based businesses need our support as we head towards Brexit, but also those located in the UK and Europe are realizing an increase in workload prepping for the impending legal changes relating to IP protection.  It’s a complex issue and AIPEX is in a unique position to help.

IP management can often involve working with different attorneys, from different firms, and in multiple markets where they want protection. If you’re finding it a challenge to manage multiple law firms, spiraling costs and no single point of contact to ensure you have maximum protection, AIPEX could be the straightforward answer you’re looking for.

It’s also important to note that our UK office sits within Wynne-Jones IP who are well versed on this sector and an IP partner for Mojo Nation, supporting the toy and game designer community.

What sets AIPEX apart from other law firms with European offices?
Most law firms are national, in that they only operate in their own country where they are dominant, and usually generalist, not IP specialists; they may have branches in other countries, but these will always be secondary and smaller than their origin headquarters.

AIPEX is a corporation of selected top IP players in each country, chosen not only for their quality of service but also sector and country expertise, plus a shared vision to co-operate as a single IP firm across all of Europe for AIPEX clients.  The AIPEX team think local but work together as global.

Another point of difference is that our attorneys are technical specialists who are strategic and adept at client portfolio management, not just procedures and resolving contentious issues.  AIPEX attorneys lay down the path so there is less probability in having to handle IP problems.

We are an IP firm, not a law firm.  Law firms are generalist, whereas AIPEX is not.

What are the benefits of using AIPEX as a single-service provider versus multiple providers in different markets?
By using multiple IP providers, you duplicate time, energy and effort many times over.

AIPEX provides a standardised more efficient service and you would work directly with one Account Executive; this single point of access is with a professional who is specialised in your sector, and alongside colleagues they manage and safeguard the IP portfolio tailored specifically to your needs. They deliver the best service possible across Europe with a thorough understanding of your business regarding what is active, dormant, upcoming and any issues that require attention, to create a seamless strategy.

It is complex and time consuming for IP owners to work effectively with multiple, as well as the best, IP service providers across Europe day in, day out. This is what sets AIPEX apart.

Is consolidation starting to be seen as ‘the new way’ to manage an IP portfolio for toy and game companies?  And if so, why?
Consolidation is a logical development in portfolio management and is a step change that couldn’t have been offered historically due to structural organisations and a resistance mindset of IP attorneys ‘sharing’ the workload.

A pan-European view is needed to find and implement the most suitable strategy, which an individual national IP firm is not equipped to achieve.

However, digital developments globally, alongside increased international co-operation across high-net worth service industries such as IP law, have helped bring about change across numerous industries and this is being played out in IP consolidation with preferred partners and a streamlining of budget, plus resource.

At AIPEX we believe this can be truly effective in the toy and game industry. Large companies want a better service, predictability of costs and a standardisation of procedures. This has never been truer than in the toy sector where profit margins are tight, bricks and mortar overheads are costly, and e-commerce continues to evolve.  By consolidating your IP portfolio AIPEX can help save you money in many ways.

Fixed fees for filing or drafting an application makes for efficiency and cost effectiveness, as do simple things such as legal retainers, all of which are common in the commercial world.  AIPEX clients get a flat rate fee on several elements of our work, which makes for easier budgeting and management client-side.

How can AIPEX help large corporates with IP portfolios post Brexit?
AIPEX is a European organisation and British AIPEX attorneys are therefore able to act and represent UK clients, using our AIPEX infrastructure, resources, knowledge and services.  This will be crucial for the toy and games sector by this time next year when post-Brexit Britain will likely become a reality.

If a firm doesn’t change anything about the management or consolidation side of its IP business, what are the disadvantages and risks?
You’ll continue to spend more time and money in managing your IP portfolio (and ultimately your business) with multiple service providers across all of Europe.  It really is as simple as that!

To get in contact with AIPEX, email [email protected] or head to

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