Big Potato looks to inspire the next generation of game designers with its Big Inventor Challenge

Big Potato Games, Big Inventor Challenge

Big Potato Games is looking to inspire the next generation of game designers with its Big Inventor Challenge.

Aimed at UK students aged 11 to 18, the Big Inventor Challenge presents an opportunity for students to create, design and present a game to the inventor relations team at Big Potato.

Along the way, students will discover how to invent a game, create a working demo, test it, refine it and then develop the finished game.

To support participants in the Big Inventor Challenge, Big Potato will provide a comprehensive deck of teacher’s slides outlining recommended lesson structures and brainstorming activities, ensuring that teachers have all the necessary resources to guide their students effectively throughout the competition.

In addition, an easy-to-digest judging criteria will be provided to help refine core ideas, enabling participants to craft their best game concepts. The challenge will also include frequent check-ins with two dedicated specialists, offering guidance and support to the budding inventors.

“We launched the Big Inventor Challenge for its first test run last year and had a great time doing it,” said James Vaughan, Head of Game Development at Big Potato Games.

“We loved seeing the projects that students came up with — a lot of them were fresh and exciting ideas that we’d never seen in the industry before. It’s super exciting to launch it for real this time, and we can’t wait to see what type of games we get pitched this year.

Big Potato’s Big Inventor Challenge officially starts in September 2023. To register your interest, please get in touch here

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