Big Potato teams with Aardman for Obey the Clay party game

Big Potato Games, Aardman, Robert Goodchild, James Vaughan
Big Potato has partnered with Aardman for a new party game, Obey the Clay.

The game sees two teams use their clay to complete Aardman-inspired challenges as fast as they can. As soon as they’re done, they flip the Time-o-Matic to begin their rival’s turn to complete a task. The faster you go, the more pressure the other team is under as if you run out of time, the other team wins the round.

“Obey The Clay has been an extremely fun game to work on over the past 12 months,” said James Vaughan, Head of Game Development at Big Potato Games.

“We’ve tried different names, tested over 400 challenges and been through more clay samples than you would believe. It’s been a wild ride, but Aardman have been the perfect partners to work with from start to finish. We’re really pleased with how the game turned out and can’t wait to see what the customers think.”

Robert Goodchild, Commercial Director of Aardman, added: “Obey The Clay was developed in collaboration with the talented Big Potato team – as well as our own studio animators and creative team – to make this an exciting and fun proposition for fans and the gaming community. It makes for creative and innovative gameplay, ensuring fun for all the family with our host of iconic characters.”

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