Board Game Club enjoys successful sustainability spotlight

Board Game Club, Mary Bobroff, Playtime PR

Board Game Club hosted its first event earlier this year, kicking things off with a sustainability-focused games selection curated by Products of Change.

“Working with Board Game Club on its World Earth Day-inspired special was a brilliant opportunity to showcase what sustainability can look like when companies start to get serious about reducing their environmental impact,” said Rob Hutchins, Editor and Community Manager at Products of Change.

“It was great to be able to talk about sustainability in the context of board games and incredibly interesting and insightful to see how that conversation plays out in a physical setting. There’s a wonderful synergy between design and play – last night’s games menu included a really diverse mix of games that showcased just how successfully sustainability can work alongside creativity to produce brilliant board games.”

Board Game Club’s Mary Bobroff added: “It was lovely to be back at Century Club for the first Board Game Club of 2024! It was a brilliantly fun evening, and it was great to be able to showcase a real variety of games to our members, all of which were made from companies working in a more sustainable way.

“It was also fantastic to welcome back many familiar faces and meet plenty of new ones too. Our next event will take place on Tuesday June 4th at Century Club, and the games menu is already looking fantastic. We’ll be issuing further details on how companies can get involved in Board Game Club in the coming weeks.”

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