Catan footwear collection on the way from Plainview

Catan footwear
Asmodee Entertainment has signed a partnership with Plainview Shoes to launch a line of Catan-inspired footwear.

The range, launching in 2021, will span cosy, comfortable footwear ‘inspired by Catan’s themes of trading, building and settling’.

“We are excited that we can add Catan to our portfolio of gaming footwear,” said Lyndon Tucker, President of Plainview Shoes.

“After partnering with Capcom for footwear based on various videogames, Catan was the logical choice for us to expand into tabletop games and its huge fanbase. Gaming properties in the licensed footwear space are greatly underrepresented and we know there are a great many fans out there who look to express themselves with gaming-inspired footwear.”

Alexander Thieme, Licensing Manager at Asmodee Entertainment, added: “We know how important Catan is for its fans. Trading, building and settling is an integral part of many of their social lives, be it through regular gaming nights or through Catan tournaments.

“The game is a regular social anchor for many and with its elegant, nature-focused design elements, it has already become a lifestyle brand. It is great to see Plainview coming on board as one of the first apparel licensees in the US, following Hot Topic.”


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