CATAN: New Energies to land in Q2

CATAN: New Energies

CATAN Studio is readying the launch of a new standalone game in CATAN: New Energies.

With a focus on sustainability, this take on CATAN sees players choosing to invest in clean energy or instead opting for cheaper fossil fuels that can have terrible effects for the island.

Players are rewarded for embracing sustainable strategies and can negotiate with other players to decrease pollution. If pollution levels remain too high for too long and the game ends in catastrophe, the player who has invested most in renewable energy wins.

“We recognise that producing games creates environmental impact,” said CATAN Studio, adding: “We’ve worked hard with our editorial and manufacturing partners to reduce the footprint of CATAN: New Energies as much as possible while still providing a high-quality, durable product that you’ll be proud to bring to the table.”

The game lands Q2 2024.

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