As LEGO’s iconic minifigure turns 45, Deej Johnson looks at the design that never looked back…

Heads, shoulders, knees and pose: how Jens Nygaard Knudsen’s iconic design changed the face of LEGO

How Play Can Save the World

Heayes Design’s Richard Heayes looks at why, when faced with all manner of challenges, a playful attitude can be a powerful thing…

“What if I could BUILD with that?” LEGO fan Deej Johnson celebrates the only piece no one wants to use

Creative consultant Deej Johnson shines the spotlight on an often-seen, rarely used LEGO element

The creative power of a simple shower: Deej Johnson on sparking more ideas

Creative Consultant Deej Johnson on how to have more ideas as you wash your cares away!

Make more time for ideas: Creative Consultant Deej Johnson explores time management for inventors

Prototypes, sizzles, pitches… How do you get it all done? Deej Johnson on classic time-management techniques

A time for Thanksgiving: Richard C. Levy writes an open letter to the toy industry

Richard C. Levy, president of Richard C. Levy & Associates, LLC, on his love for America

Creative Consultant Deej Johnson on inspiring ideas with the New to You technique

Creative Consultant Deej Johnson explores different ways to stimulate your brain…

What sparks original ideas? Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner invited veteran inventors to answer!

Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner ask ten inventors: what sparks original ideas?

New inventors and empathy: The missing ingredient in too many pitches, products – and people!

Nothing more than feelings: creative consultant Deej Johnson looks at why inventors need to empathise…

Don’t be outgamed

U.S. attorney and creator of the Protect for Success course Stephanie Pottick looks at the options out there for game designers to protect their concepts.

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