CMON and Spin Master give Sheriff of Nottingham a Disney makeover

CMON, Spin Master, Sheriff of Nottingham
Popular bluffing game Sheriff of Nottingham has been revamped as Disney’s Robin Hood: Sheriff of Nottingham by CMON and Spin Master.

The new version sees players bluff for a good cause to help bring goods to the poor villagers being overtaxed by the evil Prince John. With players’ help, Robin Hood and his merry man can steal back the Royal Treasure and smuggle goods to those in need.

Players take turns playing the Sheriff looking for contraband goods, while other players stock their bags with the best goods. Players declare what’s in their bags, and the Sheriff can then inspect any bag they want – but they must be careful as they’ll have to pay a penalty if they find a player was telling the truth about what they had.

Each of the goods also has a specific villager that it helps, and there are bonus points available to those who help certain villagers the most.

The player with the most wealth at the end of the game wins.

Check out the revamped game below:

CMON, Spin Master, Sheriff of Nottingham
CMON, Spin Master, Sheriff of Nottingham

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