Crazy Aaron’s moves production efforts from putty to hand sanitiser

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
Crazy Aaron’s, the creators of Thinking Putty, is shifting its operations from putty-making to producing hand sanitiser for the US’ Norristown and Philadelphia communities.

“Chemistry and formulas are what we do at Crazy Aaron’s,” said founder and executive chairman, Aaron Muderick.

“We have the ability to hop on science projects quickly here at Crazy Aaron’s, and we’re looking at this effort to create an FDA-approved hand sanitizer formula as the ultimate science project. It’s an honour to help in any way we can during this uncertain time.”

In just 72 hours, Crazy Aaron’s engineering team successfully changed over their production line to produce hand sanitiser, obtained the necessary government approvals, and have already donated the first 100 gallons produced to local first responders. The company had materials on hand which were able to be put into immediate use.

Additionally, by partnering with Five Saints Distilling, the business has been able to secure supplies so that production can increase.

Currently, Crazy Aaron’s is seeking additional organisations who may be in need of hand sanitiser, and will continue to ramp up daily production quantities.

Crazy Aaron’s has the capability to produce 1500 gallons per day.

“We’re very proud of the ingenuity, teamwork and community esprit de corps demonstrated by Aaron Muderick of Crazy Aaron’s and John George of Five Saints Distilling,” said Crandall Jones, Norristown’s Municipal Administrator/CAO.

“The Municipal Council greatly appreciates these great Norristown businesses and their commitment and partnership in doing their part to help keep our community and all of Montgomery County safe in these challenging times.”

Government, medical, institutional, or commercial organisations looking to purchase quantities of hand sanitiser can reach out to [email protected] for more information.


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