DoodleMeeple platform launches to connect game publishers with artists, sculptors and playtesters

DoodleMeeple, a new platform that looks to connect board game publishers with an array of external talent including artists and sculptors, is now live.

With an account on DoodleMeeple, publishers can connect with a wide range of talent, spanning artists, sculptors and graphic designers, to rules editors, playtesters and game developers.

Registering for the platform can be done for free as either a Creative (for professionals like artists, content creators, world builders or playtesters), a Creator (for publishers or game developers), or both if you’re looking to make your own projects and simultaneously find work on the projects of other Creators.

Once registered, Creatives can design a brief and select a handful of Creatives they want to apply to work on it.

The idea for the platform came about when Jamie Noble Frier was designing his first board game and a need for one central platform to bring industry professionals together.

“As a publisher, designer and artist, I have seen how tricky it is to find proven industry people to work with when you’re making a game,” said Jamie Noble Frier, co-founder of DoodleMeeple.

“That’s when I realised how archaic the process was to connect creatives to the game publishers who needed them. In a world where self-publishing in games has become an ever-growing market it’s inconceivable how difficult and time consuming it can be to trawl so many different sites just hoping to be in the right place at the right time.

“Earlier in my art career, I found myself digging around on game design forums and social media, hoping that would be the exposure I needed to find new work. Similarly when I was researching game publishing I’d consistently see Facebook posts from designers and publishers struggling to find artists and other industry professionals and asking for direction on how to get their project off the ground.

“I just kept hoping something would turn up, a centralised platform dedicated to tabletop games, where you could show your profile and find work, or the workers you needed. Then I realised, it doesn’t actually exist… but… it really should.”

Check out DoodleMeeple here.


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