Ethical Toy Program, Fundamentally Children and Kids Insights to meet designers at Mojo Pitch

Mojo Pitch
Ethical Toy Program, Fundamentally Children and Kids Insights have joined this year’s Mojo Pitch event, giving delegates the opportunity to meet with them alongside their day of product pitches.

Forming part of the Play Creators Festival, the Mojo Pitch will take place on Tuesday September 11th at London’s Emirates Stadium, and will see toy and game designers, invention houses and design agencies pitch exciting new toy and game concepts to a range of companies, each on the lookout for new products.

Ethical Toy Program will be meeting with designers to promote the work the organisation does to ensure toys are designed and manufactured ethically, while market intelligence firm Kids Insights will be on hand to talk creators through its award-winning online data portal.

Elsewhere, Fundamentally Children’s Amanda Gummer will be giving designers valuable advice on what they can do to give their concepts the best chance of success.

“We at Kids Insights are delighted to be attending Mojo Pitch and look forward to meeting some of the industry’s leading design talent,” said Kids Insights founder Nick Richardson.

“Mojo Pitch is such an important industry event, as with this generation great design is key to building interest and engagement with this generation of children. As an insights company, Kids Insights prides itself in helping designers and product managers at all stages of the design process – not just in the UK, but globally.”

Fundamentally Children MD Amanda Gummer added: “Innovation is everything in the toy industry and it’s lovely being able to support inventors at the early stage to make sure great ideas don’t miss their mark.”

Mark Robertson, senior vice president, communications and stakeholder engagement at ICTI Ethical Toy Program, stated: “We’re excited to meet toy and game designers to inspire them to design the next generation of toys, games and electronics which respect and benefit everyone. Ethically manufactured toys offer the dual benefits of fun, development and learning whilst also ensuring that toys are manufactured in a way which protects and supports the lives of the people that make them.

“We invite designers to meet us at Mojo Pitch to explore how they can bring their designs to life in a way that is consistent with the values of the toy industry.”

Delegates can meet with Ethical Toy Program, Fundamentally Children and Kids Insights at the Mojo Pitch’s Meet the Experts area in-between their product pitches throughout the day.

“I’m delighted to have Ethical Toy Program, Kids Insights and Fundamentally Children involved in our inaugural Mojo Pitch event,” said Mojo Nation co-founder Billy Langsworthy.

“The expertise and advice that these three can provide delegates with is so valuable, and it’s great to be able to offer designers one-on-one time with them alongside their day of product pitches.”

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