Funko Games readies first-ever English edition of Wolfgang Kramer’s Big Boss

Funko Games, Wolfgang Kramer, Big Boss

Funko Games is launching the first-ever English edition of Big Boss, an acclaimed strategy from designer Wolfgang Kramer.

Big Boss was first published in 1994 by KOSMOS, but this new edition boasts a refreshed art-deco and early industrial design aesthetic.

The game plays out over an expanding 3D cityscape as players launch companies and invest in new industries to earn capital, buying shares of burgeoning businesses and reaping the rewards of lucrative mergers.

Elsewhere, Funko Games has also detailed a new party game called Nuck Tats. Each round, one player reveals a customer and everyone else writes Nuck Tats – a tattoo on your knuckles – for that customer. The best tat wins the round.

Funko Games, Wolfgang Kramer, Big Boss

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