GPI teams with Floship to offer toy firms a ‘friction-free shipping process’ for crowdfunding backers

Grand Prix International, Floship, Mike Fisher, Josh Tsui, David Blanchard
Grand Prix International and Floship have teamed up to provide toy and game companies a friction-free shipping process to crowdfunding backers.

“As crowdfunding campaigns grew in popularity, GPI has long felt frustrated by the inefficiency of traditional crowdfunding fulfilment where goods exchange hands with multiple third parties before ultimately arriving on a backer’s doorstep,” said Mike Fisher, President of GPI.

The collaboration allowing the fulfilment of a campaign to initiate from the manufacturing country directly to the backer saving substantial time in the shipping process.

“Working synchronically with GPI makes fulfilment planning transparent before the manufacturing even begins,” said Josh Tsui, CEO at Floship.

“Together, the specialist teams at GPI and Floship — alongside the client – can engage in collaborative discussions about the logistical and technical minutiae involved in achieving campaign deliverables, whilst ensuring the products get from the factory floor into fans’ hands as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

David Blanchard, VP of Business Development for GPI, added: “Having a combined GPI x Floship team working to seamlessly transition a campaign through numerous logistics steps will save our clients so much time – not to mention ensure that the process is executed flawlessly since it’s in the hands of people that do this for a living and not someone trying to figure out the complicated process themselves for the first time.

“It’s a crucial step in managing a successful campaign. We couldn’t be more excited for the relationship with Floship to get off the ground and continue to grow and thrive in the future.”

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