All Happy Meal toys to be made from more sustainable materials by 2025, pledges McDonald’s

McDonald’s, Happy Meal
McDonald’s has pledged that by the end of 2025, every toy in every Happy Meal sold around the world, will be made from more sustainable materials.

The transition to more renewable, recycled or certified materials for toys is already underway and will result in an approximately 90% reduction in virgin fossil fuel based plastic use against a 2018 baseline.

Since 2018, Happy Meal toy innovations underway in markets such as the UK, Ireland and France have already resulted in a 30% reduction in virgin fossil fuel based plastic use.

“Our next generation of customers care deeply about protecting the planet and what we can do to help make our business more sustainable,” said Jenny McColloch, McDonald’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

“We’re always exploring where we can drive greater impact, including the transformation of beloved icons like the Happy Meal. With this transition for our toys, we’re working closely with suppliers, families, play experts and engineers to introduce more sustainable, innovative designs and help drive demand for recycled materials, to keep McDonald’s communities and beyond smiling for generations to come.”

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