HIYA Toys readies ‘Gaze into the fist of Dredd’ action figure set

HIYA Toys, Judge Dredd
HIYA Toys is launching an action figure set based on an iconic moment from the 1981 Judge Dredd story, Judge Dredd Lives.

The ‘Judge Dredd: Gaze Into The Fist of Dredd Action Figure’ set launches in 2024, giving fans the chance to recreate a clash between Dredd and Judge Fear.

HIYA Toys, Judge Dredd

The Judge Fear figure comes with 13 points of articulation and Dredd with 16 points, plus shoulder and joint pads, and chains and badges of office.

Judge Fear’s helmet has been remodelled to allow fans to create the classic pose from the comic, with a fist-sized hole for Dredd to punch through.

HIYA Toys, Judge Dredd

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