Industry execs to share how their flops paved the way to greater things in ‘Failure is the Key to Success’ session at Play Creators Conference

Play Creators Conference 2020
A special panel session will delve into the role that failure plays in paving the way for future success at year’s Virtual Play Creators Conference.

The ‘Failure is the Key to Success’ session will delve into how certain products that seemed destined for greatness, but flopped, provided some key lessons that were instrumental to the future success of other toys and games.

Chaired by Master Toy Advisors’ Leila Nosrati, the panellists braving the ‘Failure is the Key to Success’ session are:

Jeremy Padawer, Partner, Jazwares
Azhelle Wade, President, The Toy Coach
David Snow, Owner, The Fantastic Factory

The session will go out in a special daily Mojo Nation newsletter during the first week of September (Tuesday September 1st – Friday September 4th) as part of Mojo Nation’s Virtual Play Creators Conference, with all content released during the week totally free to watch.

The panel will be pre-recorded later this month, but we are putting your questions to the panellists, so if you have a question you’d like them to answer, please email it to [email protected].

For more information on this year’s Virtual Play Creators Conference, head to


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