Inside Spin Master’s Toy Invention Program


How has Spin Master’s Toy Invention Program at Shenkar helped to create a thriving inventor scene in Israel? What’s the difference between a design course and an toy invention course? And with Spin launching a similar program in Canada last year, what does future international expansion for the course look like? All this and more is explored in this session delving into the origins and success of the Spin Master’s Toy Invention Program.

The panel is chaired by Mojo Nation’s Billy Langsworthy and features Tal Schrieber (Business Development & Inventor Relations, Spin Master and Head of Spin Master’s T.I.P at Shenkar), Paul Reynolds (Design Manager, Spin Master and Instructor at Spin Master’s T.I.P at Ryerson University), Inna Shimelmits (Freelance Toy Inventor and Graduate of Shenkar’s T.I.P) and Roy Kfir (Freelance Toy Inventor and Graduate of Shenkar’s T.I.P).

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