KESS to launch Sonic Roll board game in 2024

KESS, Anthony Thorp, Tracy Yardley, Alex Kessler

KESS is set to launch its Sonic Roll board game in Q1 2024.

Designed by Anthony Thorp with original artwork by Tracy Yardley, the co-op game sees players move through memorable zones and obstacles inspired by classic Sonic titles.

Players can play through a single zone or adventure through Campaign Mode to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, while using character-unique abilities to roll dice, collect rings and defeat obstacles. Once players complete enough Zone Cards to finish the Zone, they then face off against Eggman.

“Our goal when creating a game around a specific property is to be as true to the fandom as we can while also making a fun and exciting game,” said Alex Kessler, CEO of KESS.

“Our design team really put their entire blue hearts into this one, and we are excited for fans to see the care put into every detail of Sonic Roll.”

Sonic Roll will land in the US at Barnes & Noble in Q1 2024, followed by a wider retail release online at Target and Amazon.

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