KessCo details One Piece party game, Luffy’s Bento Panic

KessCo, Alex Kessler, Luffy's Bento Panic

KessCo has detailed its upcoming One Piece party game, Luffy’s Bento Panic.

A partnership with Toei Animation, Luffy’s Bento Panic sees players step into the shoes of pirates fighting over their favourite foods. To play, players point to grab food, mischievously steal from fellow pirates, or eat food you’ve collected for points.

Luffy’s Bento Panic will debut at Gen Con in August, before hitting shelves in Q4.

“KessCo is building a name for itself in making games by fans, for fans,” said Alex Kessler, CEO of KessCo.

“We’re so proud of how the game turned out, and to get the chance to play and collaborate in the amazing world created by Oda Sensei. We can’t wait to share Luffy’s Bento Panic in all its chaotic glory.”

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