KidKraft ramps up its inventor engagement with TinkerTini

KidKraft, TinkerTini
KidKraft has partnered with TinkerTini to increase its engagement with the global inventor community.

“KidKraft is focused on innovation now more than ever before,” said Kiyomi Haverly, VP, Creative of KidKraft.

“We are planning aggressive growth in our product portfolio to continue the momentum we have in 2020 with the Disney Princess Dance and Dreams dollhouse and innovative items like the Amazon Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market.

“We’ve partnered with TinkerTini to help us tap into new talent with a passion for wood-based products and ingenious ideas for features that enhance imaginative play. Inventors are in well-trusted hands with TinkerTini and I can’t wait to start seeing new concepts from the inventing community.”

Trina McFarland, Owner & GM of TinkerTini, added: “TinkerTini is going to turbo power KidKraft’s open innovation reach and engagement with global inventors to bring them all the best concepts relevant to their business, while also expanding our inventing network to include innovators with expertise in wood materials.

“We know you’re out there and we’re looking to connect with you. Dollhouse fans, wood workers, carpenters that dabble in toys, Dads – or Moms – that build their own skateboard ramps. We’ll explain the ropes of inventing, get you onboarded to our Tinkerly Innovation Platform and submitting concepts that we’ll review with KidKraft straight away.”

Anyone interested in onboarding as a KidKraft inventor can reach out to TinkerTini at [email protected].


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