Moonbug and Toikido team up for animated pre-school show, PeaKeeBoo

Moonbug Entertainment, Toikido, Darran Garnham, Dan’l Hewitt, PeaKeeBoo

Moonbug Entertainment and Toikido have debuted their first collaboration project: an animated pre-school series called PeaKeeBoo.

PeaKeeBoo is inspired by ‘the charm of the classic childhood game it is named after’ and has a focus on ‘the sounds and visuals of nature’.

Moonbug will produce the first season of PeaKeeBoo, which will be available globally on the Moonbug Kids YouTube Channel in 2024.

The brand will also be accompanied by a comprehensive 360 marketing strategy, including a range of products such as toys, playsets, games, apparel and books.

“There’s no hiding how thrilled we are to be partnering with Moonbug Entertainment, who have a spectacular ability to understand a brilliant and original concept and bring it to life onscreen,” said Toikido’s Founder and CEO, Darran Garnham.

“We are proud to be part of their outstanding portfolio of award-winning shows. PeaKeeBoo will be no exception and we’re all looking forward to the smiles and laughter that it will bring to children and parents in 2024.”

Moonbug’s Head of Global Partnerships, Dan’l Hewitt, added: “Working with Toikido has been a pleasure and we’re excited to share this new series that we know will resonate with families across the world. We look forward to further exploring the PeaKeeBoo world, and working with Tokido to encourage the future of childhood curiosity and play.”

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