Moose Toys debuts Despicable Me collection, including ‘Ultimate Fart Blaster’

Moose Toys, Despicable Me, Joe Smith

Moose Toys has debuted its Despicable Me toy collection.

The 14-inch long Ultimate Fart Blaster boasts lights, fart sounds and shoots ‘scented fart rings’ that travel up to six feet away. The blaster comes loaded with two “fart formulas” that produce the rings with either the good smell of banana, or the bad smell of farts.

Elsewhere, the Transformation Chamber playset sees users load a AVL agent version of Jerry and his accessory rock into the chamber’s hatch and then turn the levers to hear Jerry being transformed within. The chamber doors then open to reveal a five-and-a-half-inch mega Jerry figure with a rock textured body within playset.

The collection also includes Mega Minions action figures, AVL Deluxe Minions, Minions Goo Jit Zu figures and the two-inch collectable Mini Mayhem figures.

“There are a number of ‘firsts’ in this new line that are sure to amuse and entertain fans of all ages,” said Joe Smith, vice president of global and U.S. marketing, licensed brands, Moose Toys.

“The melding of the innate subversive humour, friendship, and fun, that is embedded into the DNA of Illumination’s Despicable Me brand, paired with our Moose innovation, is sure to enhance the playtime experience. From enhanced versions of iconic favourites, like the Ultimate Fart Blaster – which now comes with scented, visible fart rings with a range of six feet – to the introduction of Mega Minions and all-new dressed-to-impress Anti-Villain League (AVL) Minions, these toys will further endear the beloved characters to their legions of fans.”

The Despicable Me 4 line is available now.

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