Our top 10 most read interviews of 2023

Most read 2023

With 2023 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at our most read interviews of the year.

Below you can find our top 10. Have a brilliant Christmas, a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2024!

1. Legendary inventor Eddy Goldfarb – the man behind toys like Chattering Teeth, Stompers and KerPlunk – on the power of optimism (https://mojo-nation.com/legendary-inventor-eddy-goldfarb-the-man-behind-toys-like-chattering-teeth-stompers-and-kerplunk-on-the-power-of-optimism/)

2. Robert Best – VP of Barbie Product Design at Mattel – on working with inventors and keeping the brand fresh (https://mojo-nation.com/robert-best-vp-of-barbie-product-design-at-mattel-on-working-with-inventors-and-keeping-the-brand-fresh/)

3. Hasbro’s Angus Walker on creativity, pitching and the key to successful inventor relations (https://mojo-nation.com/we-see-inventors-as-an-extension-to-our-own-teams/)

4. The Bedlam Cube’s inventor, Bruce Bedlam, on staying creative – and why questions are key (https://mojo-nation.com/the-bedlam-cubes-inventor-bruce-bedlam-on-staying-creative-and-why-questions-are-key/)

5. “If it weren’t for inventors, we wouldn’t be here today”: Spin Master co-founder Ben Varadi on how inventors shaped the toy titan (https://mojo-nation.com/if-it-werent-for-inventors-we-wouldnt-be-here-today-spin-master-co-founder-ben-varadi-on-how-inventors-shaped-the-toy-titan/)

6. Ammon Anderson on how a painful accident led him to create the much-lauded Gnome Hollow (https://mojo-nation.com/ammon-anderson-on-how-a-painful-accident-led-him-to-create-the-much-lauded-gnome-hollow/)

7. Spin Master’s Ben Dermer on why the job of toy creatives is the opposite of being inventive (https://mojo-nation.com/spin-masters-ben-dermer-on-why-the-job-of-toy-creatives-is-the-opposite-of-being-inventive/)

8. Shannon Swindle, Inventor Relations Manager; Games – Moose Toys, on pitching, ghosting and more! (https://mojo-nation.com/shannon-swindle-inventor-relations-manager-games-moose-toys-on-pitching-ghosting-and-more/)

9. Moose Toys’ Fraser Paterson on bringing the magic of Bluey to life in toys and games (https://mojo-nation.com/moose-toys-fraser-paterson-on-bringing-the-magic-of-bluey-to-life-in-toys-and-games/)

10. Melissa & Doug’s Sofia Dumery on innovation, ‘wood-first’ thinking and inventor opportunities (https://mojo-nation.com/melissa-dougs-sofia-dumery-on-innovation-wood-first-thinking-and-inventor-opportunities/)

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