Past the Pigs? Kern County Museum opens Pass the Pigs exhibit to honour game’s creator

Past the Pigs, Kern County Museum, David Moffat

The inventor of Pass the Pigs, David Moffat, has loaned his own different versions of the game – and several spin-offs – to Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, USA. Among the 35 items on display is a copy of its earliest incarnation, Pig Mania. There are also several international editions and a big-pig version.

David, 86, was surprised and delighted when the museum first suggested they display his collection. He told us: “The original rubber pigs I had were given to me in Berchtesgaden, Germany. But the game itself was actually developed in Bakersfield! I guess that’s why the museum thought my Pass the Pigs collection would make a good addition.”

Past the Pigs, Kern County Museum, David Moffat

The museum’s Executive Director, Michael McCoy, added: “Dave is an old friend, and we’ve marvelled at the success of his game… We think the story and success of the Pass the Pigs phenomenon should be shared with our 80,000 annual visitors.”

First conceived in 1965, the game finally reached the market in 1977 as Pig Mania. Later renamed Pass the Pigs, the porcine-pitching pastime has since become a global phenomenon. The modern-day classic has sold some 40-million units.

Past the Pigs, Kern County Museum, David Moffat

On one of his rare stopovers in the UK, David spoke to Mojo Nation about the invention of his game. You can read that here.

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