Portal Games bolsters its Detective range with Batman

Portal Games, Warner Bros, DC, Batman
Portal Games has teamed up with Warner Bros Consumer Products, DC and Genuine Entertainment to develop a line of Batman board games.

The Batman games will utilise the cooperative deduction game system from Portal’s award-winning Detective game series.

“While many games fight like Batman, our games will challenge you to think like Batman,” says Ignacy Trzewiczek, CEO and lead writer/designer of the game series.

“Every fan has dreamed of what it’d be like to stalk the Gotham City streets and solve crimes alongside the world’s greatest detective, so working with WBCP and DC on our own line of Detective cases in this iconic universe has been a dream come true for everyone involved.”

The first game to launch as part of the partnership is Batman: Everybody Lies, which will see players use a variety of physical and digital game components to solve cases and steer the game’s narrative. These include a deck of cards with clues and plot twists, various physical handouts and a dedicated website with access to in-world resources from the Gotham City Gazette archive.

“Batman is easily one of the greatest crime-solving sandboxes ever created,” said Genuine Entertainment CEO Joe LeFavi, who brokered the Portal/DC deal and serves as a producer and brand manager on Portal’s tabletop game series.

“As long as there is a need for the Dark Knight in Gotham City, we can only hope to give him and our players more cases to crack in the years to come.”

Batman: Everybody Lies will debut this Spring 2022 via a pre-order campaign before rolling out into retail this Summer.

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