Prospero Hall alumni form new board game design studio, Tempest Workshop

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Alumni of Prospero Hall, Forrest-Pruzan Creative and Funko Games have launched a new board game design and development studio called Tempest Workshop.

Tempest Workshop brings together a team of industry veterans that have collaborated to create over 250 titles, including Disney Animated, Jaws and the Villainous franchise.

“We’re absolutely honoured and thrilled to bring some of the folks from our team back together to continue our shared creative journey,” said Chris Rowlands, Co-Founder and Studio Director for Tempest Workshop.

“We have a chance to build a brand-new studio from the ground up that shares DNA with where we came from, but that also looks ahead with newfound vision and three core values: Being Human, Creating Together, and Having Moxie. It’s a dream come true.”

Tempest Workshop Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Isaias Vallejo, added: “I’m excited to carry on the legacy of our previous success and evolve into our new vision of a more human, inclusive and daring studio.

“We’re leveraging years of experience and diverse perspectives to harness our creative energy with tried-and-true development processes. I’m so lucky to continue this journey with amazing people that want to make the world a better place through games.”

Tempest Workshop Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Korby Sears, continued: “The beauty of the Prospero Hall team was our people. While our previous collective experience in tabletop, mobile and AAA games were rock-solid, the Prospero Hall team was also a group of musicians, theatre folks, visual artists, novelists, and material scientists from the Maker movement… All of which informed our drive with deep narrative-rich game design. The chemistry was so once-in-a-lifetime, it had to continue!”

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