Ravensburger details Garden Heist, Oh My Pigeons and more

Ravensburger, Stephane Madi

Ravensburger has shed light on its upcoming toy and games slate.

Arriving in June, Garden Heist is a raccoon-themed hide and seek game based on Red Light, Green Light. Players sneak around the garden stealing food and chasing treasure. The gardener sits behind the house screen until they pop open the window and try to spy raccoons hiding behind obstacles.

June will also see Ravensburger bolster its That’s Not a Hat party game with a Pop Culture edition boasting new gifts and special cards that allow players to pass gifts across the table.

Launching in August, Oh My Pigeons is a party game that tasks players with filling their benches with pigeon miniatures. Cards can be played to tempt pigeons with snacks, steal pigeons from your neighbours or leave it up to fate with a roll of the die. Can you outwit, outplay, and out-pigeon your friends?

Out now is Mycelia, an introduction to deck-building games that sees players assemble a team of mushroom folk to help collect magical dewdrops. Coming in February is Math Path Monster from ThinkFun. This co-op game sees players attempt to beat the Math Monster in a race to a cave entrance by using addition and subtraction.

“Our goal at Ravensburger is to continue to provide meaningful moments and experiences for our customers, and our 2024 line-up of family games and toys continues this mission,” said Stephane Madi, CEO of Ravensburger North America.

“We can’t wait to see friends and families gather around the table to play and puzzle their way together through the year.”

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