Reemsborko eyes board game partners for the films of Dario Argento

Reemsborko, Max Arguile

Reemsborko is looking for board game partners interesting in creating games based on the films of Dario Argento.

As the licensing agent for the Italian horror icon, Reemsborko represents films like Suspiria, Deep Red, Inferno, Tenebre, Phenomena and The Bird With The Crystal Plumage.

“We have the rights for all the films by Dario Argento – this includes photos, all likeness rights, the scripts, logos, everything,” said Reemsborko’s Max Arguile.

“Dario owns it all and so there is a lot of flexibility and options to make some great games. Approvals are also super-easy.”

To reach out to Reemsborko, email Max at [email protected].

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