Spin Master details global roll-out of Punirunes

Spin Master, Punirunes, Doug Wadleigh

Spin Master is bringing Punirunes – a squishy digital pet that has proved popular in Japan – to more global markets.

On the outside of the toy, a full colour, backlit LCD screen displays the Punirune pet – with 55 characters, plus some rare ones, to collect in each pod.

Owners can place their finger inside the mysterious hole, interact with a tactile squishy dome and watch as the character on screen reacts. Consumers can as pet, feed, play games, clean, customise and nurture their Punirune pet.

Punirunes was first brought to market in 2021 by Takara Tomy, who has sold over 700,000 pieces across Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

“At Spin Master, we’ve often been said to have our finger on the pulse of play and in this case it’s literal,” said Doug Wadleigh, Spin Master’s President of Toys.

“Punirunes is not your average toy, it adds an irresistible tactile element and physical connection to the digital pet in a fun and quirky way. With proven international success and the surge in popularity for anime-inspired toys we think Punirunes will be a hit with kids and kidults around the world.”
Punirunes will be available from August 2024.

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