Spin Master expects Bakugan to reach “epic new heights” with new-look series

Spin Master, Bakugan, Jeremy Tucker

The upcoming Bakugan series will take the brand to “new heights”, according to Spin Master.

The new Bakugan series lands in September and boasts a ‘revamped anime style’. The first two episodes of the show will be previewed in August on Roblox at the All-Star Tower Defence experience, developed by metaverse game developers Gamefam.

“The Bakugan franchise will elevate to epic new heights as we further enhance the experience across entertainment and power up the gameplay through toys,” said Jeremy Tucker, Spin Master’s EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer.

“We’ll deliver these new and unique experiences, driving collectability, and introducing new ways for Bakugan fans of all ages to battle and connect with the brand.”

On the toy front, new launches include Bakugan Special Attack range and the Bakugan Battle Arena, featuring multiple launch points, obstacles, storage and built-in camera stands enabling consumers to film the action on their mobile devices.

Spin Master, Bakugan, Jeremy Tucker

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