Steamforged Games acquires Street Masters from Blacklist Games

Steamforged Games, Street Masters, Blacklist Games, Rich Loxam

Steamforged Games has acquired Street Masters from Blacklist Games.

Street Masters is a co-op board game inspired by classic fighting video games. It sees players pit miniature fighters against villainous organisations across a raft of different scenarios.

Steamforged will now take over ongoing development, production and distribution of Street Masters.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Street Masters into the Steamforged library,” said Steamforged Games co-founder and CEO, Rich Loxam.

“Being a company of gamers as well as a publisher, we only take on projects we’re genuinely passionate about – and Street Masters is a game we’ve loved for a long time. We look forward to taking the reins, welcoming the fans into our thriving community, and exploring the exciting possibilities for the Street Masters world.”

In addition to the acquisition, Steamforged will be taking over the Street Masters Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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