Art of Asmodee

Art of the Tabletop Gallery: Check out students’ revamped versions of Asmodee’s Codenames, Concept, Mysterium and Splendor

Earlier this year, Asmodee teamed up with Mojo Nation to launch an initiative aimed at encouraging more illustration and graphic design students to consider careers in board games

Art of Asmodee: Pearl Games’ Sébastien Dujardin on the “complex alchemy” that goes into creating the visuals for titles like Solenia and Black Angel

Designer and manager of Pearl Games, Sébastien Dujardin, tells us about the studio’s approach to working with artists on its line of hit tabletop titles.

Art of Asmodee: Lookout’s Klemens Franz on what drives the ‘non-intimidating’ look of games like Agricola, Bärenpark and Grand Austria Hotel

We caught up with Klemens Franz, who acts as both art director and featured artist at Lookout, to find out more about the role art plays in the success of the studio’s games.

Art of Asmodee: Z-Man Games’ visual-creative team talk passion, positivity and Pandemic

We caught up with visual-creative team at Z-Man Games – including Dan Gerlach, Jasmine Radue, Monica Helland, Atha Kanaani, Bree Lindsoe and Samuel R Shimota – to learn more about what guides to the studio’s approach to art and graphic design.

Art of Asmodee: Days of Wonder’s Cyrille Daujean talks Ticket to Ride and the ‘seduction’ of great game visuals

We caught with up with Cyrille Daujean, art director at Days of Wonder, to and delve into the style choices behind the studio’s hit Ticket to Ride series.

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