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Stuff We Loved: What are the industry’s favourite toy and game launches of 2023?

We asked figures in the industry for their favourite toy and game launches of the year. The only caveat… They couldn’t choose a product they were involved in!

Big Monster Toys’ Sam Unsicker on Monopoly Scrabble’s 15-year journey to market

Sam Unsicker, Partner at BMT, discusses the unique origins of the mash-up game – and the importance of having an in-house champion.

BMT’s Calvin Leibrock, Robert Civettini and Alex Malblanc talk One Trick Pony

The trio from Big Monster Toys discuss the secret to cracking the impressive ‘looping lasso’ mechanism in Goliath’s One Trick Pony game.

Big Monster Toys’ Gordon Downey on the ‘Aha!’ moment that led to Sink N Sand

Big Monster Toys inventor Gordon Downey takes us inside the creation of Spin Master’s popular Sink N Sand game – and also reveals his most underrated invention.

Talking Games: Gross, animals, abstract… How to choose a theme for a kids’ game?

Big Monster Toys’ Sam Unsicker, Peggy Brown Creative’s Peggy Brown, Ulco’s Don Ullman, Creating Unique Toys’ Adam Borton, PlayLenz’s Richard Heayes and ToyZone’s Alex Prieto tell us what guides their approach to inventing great kids’ games.

Talking Games: From the splat of Pie Face to the lift-off of Drone Home, what makes for a great ‘wow’ moment in games? And is it a must for the mass market?

Big Monster Toys’ Sam Unsicker, Ulco’s Don Ullman, Fuse’s Oliver Morris and Creating Unique Toys’ Adam Borton share their insights into the perfect ‘wow’ moment.

Sam Unsicker on how Big Monster Toys has remained on top of its game for over 30 years

Sam Unsicker, partner at BMT, sheds light on what it takes to be a designer with the group, and how – in such a trend-driven industry – the firm has remained on top of its game for over 30 years.

Shenanigans’ Jeremy Posner talks bagels, beagles and keeping creativity at the heart of his designs

We caught up with Posner to learn more about his approach to design, and find out where the idea for his recent Beagle or Bagel? card game came from.

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