Catapult Concepts

Push, pop, catch! Westley Ciaramella of Catapult Concepts on the launch of Goliath’s Pop Off

Westley Ciaramella reveals the happy accident behind Goliath’s new party game, Pop Off.

WATCH: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with… Catapult Concepts

If you had to pick one ‘good’, one ‘bad’ and one ‘ugly’ from the world of toy and game invention, what would they be?

Westley Ciaramella on how invention studio Catapult Concepts thrives on a blend of skills, a fast pace and sheer chutzpah

We caught up with Westley to talk creative Kryptonites, why New York inspired him and how Catapult Concepts drives creativity with ‘what if…’ ideas.

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