Duncan Molloy

Rebellion acquires “unrecognised trailblazer” Tunnels & Trolls

“So much of the modern era of role-playing – from old school hacks, to streamlined systems, to solo play – can directly trace its roots directly back to this series,” said Duncan Molloy, head of Rebellion Unplugged.

Rebellion Unplugged readies return of 1982’s Judge Dredd board game

“It’s a real treat to revisit one of the true classics of British board-gaming,” said Duncan Molloy, Head of Rebellion Unplugged.

“I want everything we put out to feel special”: Duncan Molloy on giving Rebellion’s hit brands the board game treatment with Rebellion Unplugged

Rebellion Unplugged’s Duncan Molloy tells us why Sniper Elite was the perfect IP to kick-start things for the new outfit.

Rebellion launches new board game division in Rebellion Unplugged

The first game from the new offshoot will be Sniper Elite the Board Game, based on the studio’s bestselling tactical shooter series.

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