Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“The Joking Hazard team is excited to be a part of the 2024 Mojo Pitch event,” said Joking Hazard’s Kayla Cline.

Stuff We Loved: What are the industry’s favourite toy and game launches of 2023?

We asked figures in the industry for their favourite toy and game launches of the year. The only caveat… They couldn’t choose a product they were involved in!

Joking Hazard acquires Lay Waste Games

“This will give us an avenue to release games outside of the Cyanide & Happiness brand and launch titles outside of our usual party/comedy style,” said Alex Murty, International Growth Manager at Joking Hazard.

Joking Hazard strikes partnership with M.O.B Vanguard

The deal sees Joking Hazard get first refusal on the English language versions of M.O.B. Vanguard’s games.

Alex Murty on why Sosig – Joking Hazard’s first family-friendly game – marks an exciting new chapter for the company

Alex Murty – International Growth Manager at Joking Hazard ­– discusses how they found Sosig and why it’s such a key launch for the firm.

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