Lynette Leet

Tense UK Rummikub Championship ends with win for first-time entrant

Sixth official UK Rummikub tournament held at the 2024 UK Games Expo, NEC Birmingham.

First-time entrant wins UK Rummikub Championship at UK Games Expo

Daisy Hodgkinson wins 2023 UK Rummikub Tournament at sold-out event

Rubik’s Brand Vice President Chrisi Trussell on Tom Kremer, The Cube and retiring after 42 years

Since starting with the embryonic Seven Towns, Chrisi Trussell has worked at the heart of toys and games for 42 years. As she retires, we ask the Rubik’s Brand Vice President about Tom Kremer discovering The Rubik’s Cube… And why it’s enjoying such a massive revival today.

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