Matt Nuccio

Introverts, Extraverts and Inventing

Which personality type is more useful for a career in toy and game invention? Inventors share their thoughts…

Matt Nuccio on what to expect from the United Inventors Association’s new Toy Advisory Board

Design Edge President Matt Nuccio talks us through why the UIA has put together a Toy Advisory Board – and who’s involved.

“We endeavour to make each gram of plastic earn its right to exist”: Designers talk eco-friendly toys

With shoppers becoming more environmentally conscious and the industry boasting the potential to become more eco-friendly, we asked toy and game creators what the design community can do to help make the toy space greener.

Design Edge’s Matt Nuccio on creativity, innovation and fighting for inventor rights

Matt Nuccio is president at Design Edge, a firm that’s been one of the industry’s leading development and sourcing agencies for over 30 years.

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