Reiner Knizia

Mighty Boards readies Reiner Knizia’s Rebirth

Coming to Kickstarter on May 21st, Rebirth is a tile-laying game that sees players tasked with rebuilding a Scotland left in ruins.

Asmodee launches Reiner Knizia’s MLEM: Space Agency

MLEM: Space Agency is a push-your-luck game that sees players step into the paws of feline astronauts.

Game designer Reiner Knizia on lockdown, creativity and My City

Reiner Knizia – the prolific game designer behind over 700 games, including Lost Cities, Modern Art and new Kosmos title My City – discusses how he got started in game design, shares his top tips for fuelling creativity and reveals the game he wishes he came up with!

Daniela and Christian Stöhr’s Pictures wins Spiel des Jahres 2020

The game, which sees players try to re-create images using a mish-mash of objects, saw off competition from Reiner Knizia’s My City and Nova Luna from Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel.

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