Smart Toys and Games

Prolific designer Raf Peeters discusses how he creates so many ideas for SMART Toys and Games

“Many toys make very poor tools to play with…” Product developer Raf Peeters on his incredible output…

Mojo Pitch 2024 welcomes Smart Toys and Games

“The Mojo Pitch is hands down one of the best annual events in the toy industry,” said Erik Quam, Vice President of New Product and Business Development at Smart Toys and Games.

“Buckle up and hold onto your hats!” Erik Quam on products that excite him at Smart Toys and Games

Erik Quam – inventor relations guru at Smart Toys and Games – on their secret sauce.

Erik Quam joins Smart Toys and Games as VP of New Product and Business Development

“To be part of the Smart Toys and Games family – an industry-leading team dedicated to challenging the minds of multiple generations – is so exciting,” said Quam.

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