The Future of IP Security

Victor Caddy, Etched

Victor, for anyone new to Etched, how would you describe the company’s approach to IP protection?
Etched is committed to future proofing the way copyright, and all IP and other intellectual assets, are secured. Our unique approach is to take ‘luck’ out of the equation. Having the most robust method of claiming your IP shouldn’t be up for debate… Etched uses blockchain technology to verify what you create, and when: globally, immutably, de-centrally and at speed. In effect, Etched stamps – or ‘etches’ – your IP and other intellectual assets in stone.

In real terms, how might a toy company or inventor create an ‘etch’?
Using the Etched platform is easy. Firstly, you access your account, using a username and password. Then you upload what you want to protect, which can be as simple as ‘drag and drop’. And then you click ‘etch’. A few seconds later, a message appears on screen confirming that you’ve created your ‘etch’. The magic of creating this piece of evidence to establish ownership of your creation has happened. It’s that quick!

Simple! And how would an ‘etch’ be used in practice?
Firstly, it’s an asset portfolio builder. It enables you to create, log and manage your portfolio of intellectual assets. Second, it’s a firm peg from which to hang a licence – and not just one licence either. You can use a single ‘etch’ as a peg for global licences because it has a tangible presence in every country.

And third, an ‘etch’ acts as a deterrent against future infringements. You can display the etched logo on your product, or on its packaging – and on your website – to instantly warn off would-be copycats, globally. Etch gives your legal team a stronger hand. They can produce your ‘etch’ in a cease-and-desist letter as evidence. And if you do go to court – which is less likely because you have an ‘etch’ in the first place – they can produce it as the IP equivalent of DNA evidence.

Victor Caddy, Etched

Do you see this approach overtaking more traditional means of protection?
Absolutely! In today’s digital landscape, modern creatives are craving a reliable and secure digital verification platform. Just as DNA became the standard in criminal cases, blockchain claim of ownership is set to become the new norm for intellectual property verification. You can ‘etch’ almost anything. It can be your product designs, art, animations, story boards, game mechanics, even ‘works in progress’ – giving verification of your creative process. It could also be meeting minutes, research notes, input from collaborators… The list goes on.

Etched will never replace official intellectual property systems for things like trademarks and patents. However, Etched enables people to take ownership of their IP. As an example, trademark registration for a new product is costly and can take several years to secure for all key territories. But if you ‘etch’ that name or product on the same day you file your first trademark application, you instantly have a global marker in the sand. Assuming the stylised version of the mark is protectable by copyright, you’ve secured your copyright everywhere – all on day one.

In summary, Etched is at the forefront of the future of IP and intellectual asset security, perfectly timed for the tides of change. If the internet is the vast ocean, home to predatory sharks looking to steal your IP and feed off your creativity, Etched is the ark on which your business can find protection. Like a port in a storm.

To find out more – or to be part of our early adopter scheme – please get in touch at or contact us directly at [email protected] or [email protected].

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