TOMY to mark 100th anniversary with limited edition launches

TOMY, Greg Kilrea, Kantaro Tomiyama

To celebrate its centenary, TOMY is launching a line of limited edition 100th anniversary products.

The range will be a limited release starting in April and will vary by market. Products will centre around several of TOMY’s founding IPs.

“We are honoured to be a part of a company that has been around for 100 years,” said Greg Kilrea, President of TOMY International.

“Our industry is ever-evolving, and with changing needs of our customers and supporters, TOMY has been able to adapt along with it. We look forward to continue our mission to Make the World Smile for the next 100 and beyond.”

Kantaro Tomiyama, Representative Director, Chairman & CEO and Kazuhiro Kojima, Representative Director, President & COO, jointly added: “We are grateful and humbled by everyone’s support and collaboration, which is entirely what made it possible for TOMY to reach this important juncture.

“In this age of constant change, consumer needs are ever-evolving and we have continued to create new forms of play based on those changing needs. We will continue to adapt and evolve as a company and will continue to make the world smile through the concept of ‘ASOBI’ or ‘play’, while contributing to society at large.”

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