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Are you looking for advice on getting a board game to market? If so, our free download can help. It contains essential creative techniques, some handy forms, a calendar of important events and more…

My name is Deej Johnson; I’m a writer and creative consultant. I work with a number of toy-and-game companies and, for the past few years, have worked closely with Mojo Nation to help new inventors get their ideas to market…

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The Free Game Inventor
Toolkit contains articles on:

  • ‘The Next Step’ when you have an idea
  • Why getting to market is different for everyone
  • The Creative Habit: a centuries-old creative secret
  • Professional inventors Simon Skelton & Ruth Elliott
  • Key Dates for your Diary
  • Forms used in The Snakes & Ladders of Creative Thinking… Includes Brainwriting; Plus, Minus, Interesting; Commercial Playtest S.W.O.T. Sheet, and a free-to-use Non-Disclosure Agreement from Wynne-Jones.
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