Our top ten most read articles of 2021

James Austin-Smith

With 2021 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back over this past year at our top stories and interviews.

So, here we have our most read articles of 2021.

Have a brilliant Christmas, a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2022!

  1. NEWS: Read the Mojo Nation 100: 2021 Edition online now (https://mojo-nation.com/read-mojo-nation-100-2021-edition-online-now/)
  2. INTERVIEW: Moose Toys’ James Austin-Smith on the top-secret, mould-breaking design process behind Magic Mixies (https://mojo-nation.com/moose-toys-james-austin-smith-top-secret-mould-breaking-design-process-behind-magic-mixies/)
  3. NEWS: Spin Master welcomes back Rich Mazel and promotes Dougal Grimes and Harrie Sivanander as part of Inventor Relations shake-up (https://mojo-nation.com/spin-master-welcomes-back-rich-mazel-promotes-dougal-grimes-harrie-sivanander-part-inventor-relations-shake/)
  4. NEWS: Play Creators Awards 2021 finalists revealed (https://mojo-nation.com/play-creators-awards-2021-finalists-revealed/)
  5. NEWS: Play Creators Awards 2021 winners revealed (https://mojo-nation.com/play-creators-awards-2021-winners-revealed/)
  6. INTERVIEW: Spin Master’s Harrie Sivanander on creativity, new designers… and the two types of toy inventor (https://mojo-nation.com/spin-masters-harrie-sivanander-creativity-new-designers-two-types-toy-inventor/)
  7. INTERVIEW: Toy designer David Vonner on being a believer in ‘don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness!’ (https://mojo-nation.com/toy-designer-david-vonner-believer-dont-ask-permission-beg-forgiveness/)
  8. INTERVIEW: Mind Candy legend Darran Garnham on staying creative and his new company, Toikido (https://mojo-nation.com/mind-candy-legend-darran-garnham-staying-creative-new-company-toikido/)
  9. INTERVIEW: Spin Master’s Tal Schrieber reveals the three biggest mistakes inventors make (https://mojo-nation.com/spin-masters-tal-schreiber-reveals-three-biggest-mistakes-inventors-make/)
  10. INTERVIEW: Hasbro’s Gray Bright on fuelling creativity, driving innovation and creating legacies (https://mojo-nation.com/hasbro-games-gray-bright-fuelling-creativity-driving-innovation-creating-legacies/)

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