Toy Fair New York to take place in September from 2023

The Toy Association, Toy Fair New York, Steve Pasierb
The Toy Association has confirmed that Toy Fair New York is moving to a new September slot from 2023.

Steve Pasierb, president & CEO of The Toy Association, said: “While the board and the trade show committee recognise and accept that some LA-based companies will take a different approach to a fall Toy Fair and use it for other purposes, timing Toy Fair New York to meet the needs of an evolved and evolving industry will ultimately better serve the business needs of our members and the buyer community as well as open new doors to licensors and entertainment studios allied with the toy industry –  all in an ideal time to make impactful holiday news and enjoy New York’s ready access to major national and international media as well as the financial community which many exhibitors tell us are essential ingredients in Toy Fair.”

Pasierb expanded on the decision in a Linkedin post, with some of the reasons behind the move cited as:

• Fall meets the prime timing of an evolved and swiftly evolving toy industry.
• Fall can deliver a powerful pre-holiday opportunity for companies to make product news that matters. Something that can’t happen in February.
• Likewise, access to NYC’s major media and the NY financial community are important to many companies.
• Fall in NY is particularly appealing to allied industries including licensing, entertainment, and studios not currently part of Toy Fair, but important to the business of toys and now intrigued by potentially joining in.
• Retail buyers tell us they want to do their LA run, hold those key appointments, and depart — not have a Toy Fair elsewhere in LA too. In fact, there was little Board or major retailer support for anywhere other than NY right now.
• The move to Fall offers new timing and a better place for TOTY.

The move and dates for 2023 are being currently being negotiated, but The Toy Association has confirmed that a Dallas marketplace event will take place this year, date for September 20th to 22nd.

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