Tristam Rossin, James Emmerson and Adam Hocherman launch new studio, Wayfarer Games

Tristam Rossin, James Emmerson, Adam Hocherman, Wayfarer Games

Industry veterans Tristam Rossin, James Emmerson and Adam Hocherman have formed a new tabletop gaming studio: Wayfarer Games.

Targeting the mid-weight, family-oriented strategy games space, the studio is named in honour of its upcoming first title, A Wayfarer’s Tale.
“There’s something about the word Wayfarer that captures that feeling of adventure,” said designer Emmerson, adding: “It’s that escapism which makes board games so incredibly addictive.”

Emmerson is the designer of the successful Tranquility series and also the company’s namesake title, A Wayfarer’s Tale, previously released as a multi award-nominated print-and-play.

Both of these games were illustrated by Wayfarer Games’ Tristam Rossin. Rossin is a versatile and veteran illustrator of decades and has worked on dozens of tabletop titles since he first got involved in the industry seven years ago.

“Tris is an incredibly talented illustrator, and it was he who is responsible for bringing the three of us together,” said Adam Hocherman.

“Tris and I had worked together in the past year and he saw me as the perfect complement to him and to James. The three of us met together over video and there was a great synergy. Within minutes the ball was rolling.”

Hocherman is a prior entrepreneur-turned-traditional toy industry executive and has experience in product development and inventor relations. Behind the scenes he prides himself as an operator and will run day-to-day business management, production and logistics, along with creative contribution.

The company’s first title will be an expanded, high-end, boxed version of 2022 Golden Geek Runner up: A Wayfarer’s Tale. Wayfarer Games will debut at the UK Games Expo in late May and plans to launch the new game via Kickstarter this summer.

“If you put three guys together who are this passionate about games, the results can only be good,” added Rossin.

“It’s really a perfect trifecta of skill sets. We have a shared vision for what we’d like to do and for where we’re heading and we’re having a lot of fun in the process right out of the gate.”

A formal home on the web is forthcoming for Wayfarer Games. Meanwhile, you can follow the company on Facebook at

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