2022 predictions in 22 words

2022 Predictions
2022 is upon us, and as the world is as unpredictable as ever, we’ve asked the industry for their predictions, hopes and fears as to what the next 12 months has up its sleeve.

And just to add an extra wrinkle, we’ve asked people to sum up their thoughts in just 22 words.

So, here’s what some industry figures believe 2022 will bring…

Matt Nuccio, President, Design Edge
“2022 is going to be the year that permanently sets back the toy industry’s development and buying schedules by a few months.”

Dougal Grimes, Vice President of Innovation & Inventor Relations, Spin Master
“Flexible employment creates new life dynamic while simultaneously advancing remote connectivity and corollary drive to physical products and the outdoors as therapy.”

Barry Hughes, Managing Director, Golden Bear
“Inspiration, innovation, imagination, isolation, immunisation, inflation and that Mojo Nation will continue to ask questions that are entertaining and fun to answer!”

James Austin-Smith, Innovation Director, Moose Toys
“A year where we will connect again in person. Hope for health, for travel, for collaboration. More magic as Mixies takes off…”

David Yakos, Co-Founder, Streamline Design
“After families were thrown into quarantine, there is an emerging trend for more cooperative games that require teamwork to overcome mystifying challenges.”

Darren Lee Phillipson, Toy & Content Development Architect, Design_Lead_Play
“Trends: Educational toys linked to online learning platforms. Toys with an NFT component. Movie toy lines down. Video game toy lines up!”

Trina McFarland and The Tinkers, TinkerTini
“I predict a lot more opportunity and easy, no-nonsense access for inventors to pitch their concepts to major Toycos year-round!”

Gary Pyper, Founder, Fun-Damental Invention
“Cough, cough, sigh! After every depression comes a renaissance. Hold tight, don’t look back; it’s now our duty to replace the fun!”

Adam Porter, Inventor
“Following the success of Postmark Games’ Voyages, I think we will see more downloadable print and play games sold directly to customers.”

David Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer, Melissa & Doug
“All kids need open play. Plans must be flexible. Embrace new ideas. Have relentless focus. Be present and happy. Inspire your team(s).”

David Blanchard, Vice President, Business Development, GPI
“Despite a rise in retail prices, I predict families will continue to turn to tabletop games as their quarantine entertainment of choice.”

Steve Reece, Managing Director, Kids Brand Insight
“More supply chain disruption, great new products, more success for toy and game businesses. Likely the market will still grow in 2022!”

Fi Murray, Creative Director, Making Things Studio
“A recognition that play is fundamental to our existence. We knew it, we just needed to be reminded to prioritise it again.”

David Snow, Owner, The Fantastic Factory
“2022 will be another challenging year. Games will be bought and sold. We will see direct to consumer expand. Have fun everyone!”

Adam Borton, Founder, Creating Unique Toys & The Toy and Game School
“2022 will be more digital, more e-commerce, more direct-to-consumer, more consumer choice and more freedom to launch your own product!”

Richard Heayes, Founder, Heayes Design and PlayLenz
“A year of extremes, the middle gets squeezed. Big social, more solo, low cost, high cost, classics grow, hunger for new ideas.”

Dean Tempest, Founder, Big Potato Games
“The next trend continues to be something none of us ever seem to be able to predict… But that makes it fun!”

Kate Gibson, Managing Director, Gibsons
“Our Troopers on Tour puzzle will be delivering LOLs everywhere and proving that uncertainty and more restrictions are quite possibly ‘Out of Order’!”

Ian Downes, Founder, Start Licensing
“Personalisation and bespoke products. Licensing is well placed to offer consumers unique experiences and limited-edition products. A growth area for licensing.”

Courtney Wood, Founder & Director, Bubblegum Stuff
“Toy companies fathom out UK manufacturing to steady the ship in post-pandemic shipping container crisis that sunk profits from buoyant sales.”

Ashley Holman, Managing Director, ToyTopic
“There’s a lot of unknown, but product innovation and value for money with a great brand behind will cut through and succeed.”

Carl Richardson, Managing Director, Sweet Connexion
“Kids play and create, toys will innovate. Technology won’t slow and games will grow. Licensing embraces trends, same again when 22 ends.”

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