Armello: The Board Game passes Kickstarter goal in first day of campaign

Armello, Kickstarter, Andre Bishop, Blake Mizzi

Armello: The Board Game – an adaptation of the video game of the same name – has launched on Kickstarter.

Published by King of the Castle, in partnership with Quillsilver Studio and Fire Opal Media, the game passed its funding goal of $20k in its first day of crowdfunding and currently sits at $264k with 20 days of the campaign still to go.

“We’re really pleased to be bringing Armello full circle back to where it began: on the tabletop, and on Kickstarter,” said Andre Bishop, director of King of the Castle.

“We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Armello.”

Blake Mizzi at League of Geeks – creators of the Armello video game – added: “I’m so excited for players to get their hands on a physical edition of Armello. To play the physical board game of Armello is such a delight, it’s a wonderfully familiar experience. They’ve captured all the essence of the digital game and the magic that made it so special, then translated that into a game you can play in person with your friends.”

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