Board Game Club heads to Century for May event

Board Game Club’s May event is set to take place at exclusive Soho members’ club, Century.

Taking place from 6.30pm on Wednesday, May 23rd at Century’s Club Room, the new venue will play host to London’s grown-up social gaming night, where general public, media, designers, creatives and industry faces mix over card, party, dice and silly-social tabletop games.

“We’re excited about moving Board Game Club into a bigger venue for May,” said Board Game Club co-founder, Lesley Singleton.

“Our regulars can still enjoy the same great informal gaming atmosphere in the welcoming and exclusive surroundings of this fantastic private club. In addition, this enables us to open up the world of board games to Century’s members – a brand new audience who we’re sure will enjoy our mix of titles.”

It’s free to attend – simply register on the guest list by emailing [email protected] or sign-up at

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