Book of Beasties, a card game to get kids talking about mental health, hits Kickstarter

Book of Beasties
Book of Beasties, a card game to get kids talking about mental health, has landed on Kickstarter.

The easy to learn game sees players use weird contraptions to help bizarre creatures that have escaped through a mysterious portal from another dimension, while also acting as an aid to help teachers, parents and guardians talk with children about mental health.

“From talking to teachers – including SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinators) representatives from a number of schools, and a number of the children in those schools – it is apparent that many feel uncomfortable talking about their own and their peers mental health,” stated the Book of Beasties team.

“There also appears to be a lack of help for those children who do suffer – with minimal material especially for them to offer a gentle helping hand. Book of Beasties makes it easier for kids to talk about this subject by relating how they feel and how they think others feel to the characters – then learn simple ways to help combat disorders as they arise. It does not claim to be a cure, or a final solution but a coping mechanism that can be delivered and monitored as the children progress and continue to play.”

Book of Beasties is looking to raise £3000 by October 30th. Check out the campaign over at:

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